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Guard Dogs

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

According to several people, best guard dogs are simply the most vicious, big bodied fierce dog breeds, the rest are either house pets or street dogs. This is largely true in some sense but partly true in another sense. To understand a guard dog, take it to be a reporter. A reporter is intelligent, practically stealthy and able to transform temperament easily. A good guard dog should exhibit the above qualities in some impressive proportions; then it should be one dog easy to signal something suspicious in its area of jurisdiction. According to experts and seasoned dog trainers the best guard keeps a constant lookout over homestead and is ever alert. Some dogs are fond of sleeping anytime with ‘both their eyes closed’. You notice that an excellent guard dog while deeply asleep, jerks at the slightest noise around your home.

However to identify the best guard dog is not a past time. A dog exhibiting these traits together might be surprisingly a different dog from what you see advertised. The clues are training and breed of the dog

Trained dog

This is the ultimate determinant. Any well trained dog is a good guard dog and it is best trained when a puppy otherwise it doesn’t become the most intelligent it can get.  Good training usually starts from an expert dog trainer then it is transferred to the buyer at the point of purchase. At this point, the whole training has been done by the trainer, the new owner just needs to administer rehearses. Among the easily trained dogs include some of the top breeds like the Rottweiler and the German shepherd breed.

Breed of the Dog

This determines how swift a dog will grasp training – how intelligent. The top breed dogs are simply more trainable than the other breeds and that is why it is much more expensive to but an untrained terrier bull or German shepherd puppy than an adult untrained random mixed breed. It will be easier to train such a puppy.

House train your dog

Friday, March 15th, 2013

House training is a very important aspect of dog ownership. You need the ability to teach your dog when to go to the bathroom, and most importantly, where. Cats are instinctively house trained, and you find that you rarely have to worry about a cat doing its ‘business’ inside the house. Dogs on the other hand, require a lot of attention when it comes to house training. The question is; can it be done?

Dog training can be done, and although it will take time to get your dog to adapt to the new routine, it will be worth it at the end. Here are a few steps to help you through;

  • The first and most important step is to ensure that you have a specific place where it is appropriate for your dog to do its business. This can be a spot in the garden, at the back of the house, or wherever else you find suitable.
  • The next step is to establish routine. Dogs are the most adaptable to routine, which is why training them to fetch or even sniff out things, is so easy. Your routine will involve taking your dog out to the spot you picked from 10 to 20 minutes after he/she eats or sleeps. Don’t try to rush him into it. This process requires a lot of patience, and you will have to wait a while before he decides to let go.
  • You also need to offer some kind of incentive. Dogs adapt better when you give them a kind of reward for a good job. The treat should only be offered after then dog eliminates a substantial amount of poop.
  • Lastly, you need to develop a system of taking your dog outside every so often, preferably every 2 to 3 hours.

Keep a Dog Healthy and Happy

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The significance of keeping a dog pet cannot be overstated. Dogs have proved to be great companions especially when you are stressed out. They will always be around to keep you engaged and happy. Experts claim that dogs are benevolent companions that can enrich your life in many ways. However, it is important to keep your dog healthy and happy. This is the greatest task that most dog keepers face. But it is an easy task if you take your time to search for the available solutions. Your dog requires you to give her little attention and she will give tenfold in response.

There are many ways to keep your dog happy and fit. For instance, you should ensure that your house is safe for her. Remove all harmful materials around the house including pesticides, uncoated electrical wires, and sharp objects that can easily injure the pet. It is also imperative to prevent your dog from accessing poisonous domestic plants as well as outdoor shrubs. Keep all cleaning products away from the dog. What is more, you should never undervalue the capability of a resolute dog. Your dog also requires enough exercises in order to remain fit and happy.

Regular exercises help to protect the dog from serious medical conditions such obesity and heart problems. Studies have shown that regular exercises help to improve a dog’s mental stimulation, blood flow, and strengthen its bones. The most effective exercises for a dog include fly ball, agility activities, and jogging. Protect your dog from too much heat or cold. That is why you should ensure that their house has proper ventilation and heating systems.  If your dog is exposed to too much heat, it will suffer from dehydration, sunburn, eat stroke and other serious health problems. So, avoid hot asphalts, which may burn the tender paws of your dogs.

Are You Poisoning Your Dog?

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

When people give their dogs a treat, it’s frequently the same kind of things that they enjoy eating and drinking themselves. After all, what harm can it do occasionally? Sadly, although you mean it as a reward it can often make your dog unwell. A dog’s digestive system is very different to that of a human’s and the wrong food can cause anything from short-term discomfort to serious long-term harm.

A quick look at a list of what you might think is usually OK will reveal things you shouldn’t be offering your faithful friend at all. What’s more you have to be strict with yourself. Your dog trusts you completely and believes that anything you offer is safe, simply because it comes from you.

Milk Products

Although all mammals have milk at first, they grow out of it eventually. Your canine friend quickly develops to a point where they can’t actually process the lactose (a kind of sugar) which is present in all dairy product. In the stomach that sugar begins to ferment, becoming a form of alcohol. Your dog is likely to suffer stomach pain and possibly diarrhoea.

Cheese and yogurt also contain lactose and although you can find lactose-free products (because some people are lactose intolerant),  why give your pet something that has no benefit? If you want to give your dog a drink they would  prefer plain water!

Although your dog is a carnivore (nature gave them those teeth for cutting through meat) many dog foods contain vegetables as well, primarily for added vitamins and minerals. If you buy dog food from a reputable manufacturer and It contains vegetables, that’s fine. The same is not true of fruit.

While the vitamin C in fruit is beneficial, most fruit also contains citric acid which is likely to cause your dog intestinal discomfort. Bananas contain potassium which in large amounts can cause heart problems Raisins and grapes have recently been linked to potential kidney failure. Nuts must also be included in this section because, just like in  some people, they can cause surprisingly violent and dangerous reactions.


Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

At first glance, it seems unnecessary to deal with the nutrition of dogs and cats. Finally, you can find in any food at any pet store and discount store pallets of dog food and cat food for almost every situation of our four-legged friend. The advertising makes us believe that with this entire food ready – do a good grip types. If not – a few scraps are stirred together quickly – at least think a lot of pet owners.

But unfortunately food is not the same food. The quality differences are sometimes significant. To the health of many dogs and cats, it is not very good. Part of the diseases that occur only in fact based on heredity. The larger part, however, are combined hereditary diseases or environmental clean environment caused by the disease. The food is one of the most important environmental factors of your pet. By careful selection of suitable food or preparation of a good fresh food, you can help your dog or cat to stay healthy or to be because:

Depending on the quality of the dog food or cat food your pet’s health significantly affected.

Allergies, severe bone and organ diseases in dogs and cats are on the rise. Many animals have suddenly vague symptoms, for which cannot be determined without further a cause. Some of these diseases are chronic. Sometimes you can observe changes in behavior of the animals. Many animals take over and make an overall well-nourished, but not very happy impression.

  • Do you know the problems of your dog or cat?
  • Are you satisfied with the condition of your dog or your cat unhappy?
  • Do you not accept this any longer?

Then please read our tips on dog food and cat food may help to improve this condition. We want to give you suggestions on how to find the correct prepared food, dry food, canned food, puppy food or diet food, or cook as fresh food for your dog or cat.

Before you go into our website, it may be mentioned the following: The content of these pages is based on years of personal experience with our dog breeds, breeders and puppy buyer’s descriptions of colleagues. The recommendations for the selection and preparation of food have been tested many times and researched the best professional advice. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Therefore, we will also not responsible for possible damages suffered by your pet by following our suggestions. Your contact for diseases your dog or cat is only the vet you can trust. We do not give individual dietary advice, as we are not veterinarians and your pet and its special issue on the Internet can not know.

Our ostensible task we see it, through our website to prevent and to develop a different view for some health problems in dogs and cats. Perhaps dissolves many a chronic health problem, then also of “all alone”.