Man vs Dog: Food Eating Contest

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25 Responses to “Man vs Dog: Food Eating Contest”

  1. catelynobrien Says:

    The reason wishbone was breathing like that is because that is how some
    dogs sneeze. That is how my dog sneezes don’t worry

  2. Cheyenne Miller Says:

    If you watch The Walking Dead you’ll get this,” CRAZY CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. Haley Simd Says:

    Am I the only one that noticed something on jc nose at the end 

  4. Jceazer_simpsonizer_waetford Says:

    TEAM WISHBONE FOREVER!! Sorry JC but wishbone is just too cute! 

  5. Elfears1799 is Crazy Says:

    PLZ DO MORE VIDS W/ WISHBONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Crystal Hernandez Says:

    0:25 look at how worried Jc was

  7. Funny Gal Says:

    I love wishbone so cute

  8. Mackenzye Garcia Says:

    Team wishbone

  9. Cindy Cortez Says:

    0:23 hahaha omg wishbone!!!!!! 

  10. London Carroll Says:

    Team wishbone !!!!!!!

  11. Valenteen Boateng Says:

    How old is JC again?

  12. Paige Larson Says:

    I’m am #teamJc sorry wishbone.. I think Wishbone wanted the center of
    attention so that’s probably why he was standing in from of you JC….also
    I’ve seen the Spongebob episode with Patrick I thought that was funny.

  13. Maddie Corby Says:

    If it wasn’t a year and a half later, I wouldve gone to Toronto

  14. Amber Collins Says:

    That is one chill dog. My dog acts like he’s on cocaine. I wonder how old
    Wishbone is?

  15. Amy Holgate Says:

    The way he looked at dog x!

  16. i love those dirty boots Says:

    I like how both the plates are chipped.

  17. liveyourdreams111 Says:

    your dog is adorable

  18. Kutter Cookie Says:

    TEAM WISHBONE!!!!!!!!! 

  19. Yeya Moreno Says:

    #teamjc all the way

  20. Lizz Andino Says:

    I’m on both teams because I love you both
    and the hole O2L group

  21. Gaby Monarres Says:

    This is my all time favorite video :)

  22. Javier Carrion Says:

    Hahaha he is looking at his dog like what the actual fuck

  23. TheNamezLila Says:

    I love how im scrolling through the comments and all I see is, team
    wishbone. Poor Jc his dog is more popular then him. Lol.

  24. Cat Lover347 Says:

    please do more challenges

  25. Purdi Bouwman Says:

    This is so cute. <3