Acana & Orijen: The Champion Pet Food Story

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25 Responses to “Acana & Orijen: The Champion Pet Food Story”

  1. MaRS vS Says:

    2 more months before I switch my APBT from Blue Wilderness Puppy kibble to
    Orijen Adult kibble. Can’t wait!

  2. dancereternally86 Says:

    My cat’s health has completely changed for the better since switching her
    to Orijen and Acana, the food as well as the treats. While it is good for
    cats to be fed wet or raw food, if you are going to feed them a dry food to
    supplement their diet or can only feed them dry food this is hands down the
    BEST one. 

  3. Amber John Says:

    Every dog lover should be aware of the toxic dog foods on the market if
    you’d like to span your dog’s life.

  4. Donna Trimble Says:

    Best food around! Wouldn’t feed our dog any other!

  5. Joseph Koukouroukou Says:

    Hi from Athens – Greece. I want to make a question. The ship from canada
    brink Acana & Orijen to my Country. When the container opens in the port of
    Piraeus , the temperature in there,is over 80 Celsius. Is that food spoiled
    ? Hope to answer that, because I give that food to my dog , and it’s not
    cheap here………. Thank you very much. Joseph X.

  6. Canine Reign Says:

    Been feeding all my working Dutch/Malinois Orijen/Acana for 2yrs, I prefer
    the Red Regional and Ranchlands Acana. The only issue I have had is from
    all the fish in some of the other flavors, my dogs lose their hair. I
    couldn’t figure out what was causing this issue then I was talking with
    some of the Dutch breeders in Holland and they told me about the fish.
    Since I switched to the red meat flavors it has stopped. I also mix in raw
    tripe about once a week and I have been slowing using raw red meats mixed
    in. I believe I will go completely raw soon as the prices are cheaper now
    for raw, it just took me awhile to find good quality raw meats. Also the
    Acana Ranchlands is just a few dollars cheaper then Orijen’s Red Regional
    when it has a 60/40 and Red Regional is 75/25 what is the deal on this
    Champion Foods ?

  7. Michael Mortimer Says:

    Some real drama queens in here, hurling irrelevant dirt clods about the
    company or making unfounded accusations.

    All I know is that I have been feeding Acana and Orijen food to my two
    rescues. They are happy, I’m happy. (The dog pictured in my avatar is a
    rescue that had horrible rashes. I suspect that’s why the former owners
    tossed him into the street. He was skin and bones when I got him.)

    I stopped feeding him food with grains after seeing on YouTube that he may
    have an allergy to corn. Turns out that was correct. After feeding him
    Acana the rashes vanished and have not been back since.

    So I’m good with Acana and Orijen foods. (And I buy their products at a
    local independent pet store. They have always had Acana and Orijen foods.
    Prices have gone up, however, which I assume is due to transport costs

  8. Jason Green Says:

    You can order Acana at

  9. Jango le petit podengo portuguais Says:

    #Orijen est ce que les grandes marques qui mettent en avant toutes les
    qualités de leur produits .. peuvent en faire autant ?

  10. raya2smty Says:

    Where can i find this in the usa and how much for a bag

  11. Alexis de Groot Says:

    I think its kinda funny that there are exactly 0 cats in this video. I also
    wonder why, if cats are 100% carnivorus, there are so many vegetables and
    herbs in Orijen pet food. Thats not biologically appropriate. My cat
    wouldn’t hunt for beans in the wild or eat peppermint… Why don’t they
    explain this?

  12. Philippe D'Exelle Says:

    If people would start to learn to count and to analyse an analysis, they
    would not be so easily mislead and believe all the crap that is written on
    a bag or a leaflet :)

  13. Says:

    Orijen Pet food How it is made and why it is so good!!!

    Acana is also made by the same company as orijen – Champion Pet Foods.

    The best part is now you can have orijen and acana Dog and or cat food
    delivered for free

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